OAuth Weirdness

Hello! I wasn’t sure who to reach out to, so I thought I would try the forum. It’s a difficult one to explain, but here goes…

I signed up for the makerworld.com beta using email address A … and got accepted! (thank you!)

I have a bambu account that has both facebook (email address A), and google (email address B) OAuth accounts associated with it, and I can use either of those to login to the forum, and bambu handy, etc.

The issue is, if I try to login to makerworld with facebook OAuth (emaill address A), it lets me in, but my username is NOT the same as if I login to the forum…if I try to login with my google account (email address B), I am not allowed in, becuase that is not the email address I entered when applying, and a cookie gets set that doesn’t allow me to attempt it again.

So, I think this is an edge case bug that probably needs to be looked at, and fixed (and actually, I think this bug used to exist with the forum as well).

In the meantime, would someone be able to switch the email address that is allowed into makerworld so I can maintain my preferred username in both the forum, and makerworld?

Thanks for listening…I hope that was clear, and there’s a simple solution.