Odd oversight / bug with Studio regarding Calibration

Just had a few prints fail to start, on my X1C. Updated to latest FW. Then ran a calibration. Once the “completed” notice showed, printed a file off the SD. It failed to start. I didn’t see any alert why, as I wasn’t watching that one; I was doing things with my other machines. Fired off another attempt, but watched this time. It failed with a Z-homing issue.
Okay, I’ll run another calibration just in case the earlier one missed something. Again, after it “completed” I did another print, that failed. Okay, fine. I’ll go see what’s wrong.
I found my bed wasn’t quite in the right spot, and it threw off the start. Also, there were a bunch of alerts on the screen to failed calibrations.
Long story short - Studio should not tell me it completed a calibration if it fails, only a successful run.
(Studio 17452)