Off Plate Objects Disappear in ORCA slicer (Is Bambu Studio the same?)

I am using Orca Slicer, not Bambu Studio specifically. When I move parts off of a plate, they sometimes partially or completely disappear. When I am importing STLs into Orca, it there is more than one object and they are spread too far apart, the one farthest from the plate is invisible, and I have to go through gyrations to find it, and drag it onto a plate.

Does anyone know why this happens? Can it be prevented?

This appears to be a qirk of however orca slicer is culling the viewport. I’ve had the same issue and it is not a problem in bambu studio. I assumed this was possibly due to my laptop having an old Nvidia card and Nvidia being famously a pita with Linux systems. If you haven’t already, see if this issue is logged on orca slicers github page and if there is a workaround or info on it.