Only faulty prints


i have 3 P1P printer and they are all great. Now i ordered an X1C and i try since friday to print on it.
Every print is faulty. I print with same settings and same PLA i used on the P1P. Only the printer profile is X1C.
But every X lines, the print was damaged. I dont know where the problem is.
Some prints are completely damaged. Some prints with only few height are ok.
I tried door open, door closed.
Calibration done. I tried the plate it was in package and one of my PEI plates.
Printed with esun PLA, geeetech and the white bambulab basica PLA.

Same problems if i print with standard settings of new project.

Might be better listing on the X1 group. However, it looks like poor adhesion in you picture. Too much cooling, and/or the bed is too cold.

Did you put the P1P bed cover on the X1 and try that? Assuming you have the second cooling fan only on the X1, folk say to have the auxiliary fan turn off for printing PLA at normal speed. Hope this helps.

The P1P PLA setting are something like 220C extruder, and 65C for the textured plate.

maybe the PLA gets too soft in the enclosure. i have around 40°C inside in my P1P enclosed. some users report problem with enclosed P1P. print with open door to test

Thank you. Door was always open. 220C at Hotend. First 55C at plate. Testing with 60C and 65C. Print is better. But all my Prints on P1P are much better. The X1C is not my friend :frowning: Next printers are always P1P.