'Open in Bambu Studio' Opens in the Wrong Printer


I am a little confused about how you’re supposed to open a print profile in Makerworld on your printer and not a printer you don’t have.

Take the Marble Run 003 for example: Marble Run 003 by Bambu Lab - MakerWorld

The print profile says it supports the X1 Carbon:

Yet when I select ‘Open in Bambu Studio’ it sets the printer to the Bambu Lab A1 mini which I don’t even own…


Then if I try to change it, I lose all the slicer settings which makes the whole thing pointless.

Any ideas, what am I missing, am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Save the settings instead of discarding them?

I like to use stock print settings and whatever changes I make I revert, I won’t be able to do that if I save these as I won’t know what is default and what is custom.

There has to be some way to just temporarily swap these settings over to the X1C profile or just open it up on the X1C build plate by default?

I could definitely be wrong, but I don’t think when you click “Save” it actually saves them as a change to your profile. First of all, I believe if you make a change to any stock profile, you have to name it different from the stock one. In this situation, I believe “Save” would make more sense if it was “Transfer” meaning that these settings will transfer over but aren’t saved permanently unless you choose to save a profile with them. You can always hit the orange “undo” circle next to settings to go back to the stock profile you typically use.

I came here to ask exactly the same question.

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yes definitely needs to open Bambu Studio with your Printer …Thats so Annoying !!!

The standard default presets cannot be changed and saved with the same name. These are listed as “System” presets. If you make a change in a setting and attempt to save it you will be prompted to modify or replace the name, and it will then appear under “User” presets. Saving changes to a User preset will overwrite the old settings unless you change the name.

System presets are updated or replaced every time Studio is installed or updated. It takes intentional effort to get rid of them, effort that has to be repeated with every update.

Also, I looked at the linked Marble Run from Makerworld using “Open in Bambu Studio”, then changed the printer to my X1C, but I got a different prompt that allowed transferring the A1 settings without saving a preset:

Still had to auto-arrange the parts due to the different plate sizes.

Had the exact same question; it’s odd because in the handy app, you can pick a printer. On the website it seems to just give you the first printer in the list rather than the one you’ve selected.

Setting the printer value as you show in your screenshots, doesn’t do anything. I believe it used to, but it doesn’t change any settings of the 3mf opened.

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Yeah, I did some more experimenting and it’s not changing as I thought it had. I deleted that part of the comment. I have to say I’m not impressed with MW. If I have to check all the settings anyway I’d rather just download the .STEP files.

I think it used to do that, and what’s interesting is I looked at a few other models with different lists. It’s just giving you the plate layout for whatever printer is first in the array of printers listed as supported in the model, so I think there may be a bug due to an update since when I try it on the handy app, it acts properly.

It would be nice if there was a profile field to set your printer globally on the site, like on the app.

I think the site has real potential and love how simple it could make things for people like me who can work in step files but have such limited time. The turnkey solution for doing toys for my son is nice if/when it works. That’s why the X1C is so great it has saved me so much time in not having to debug print issues since it does so much of the calibration on its own.

This is a perfect example of why MW is still Beta. Hopefully they’re actually paying attention to commentary across forums and elsewhere to help find tune and tweak the solution. It is still pretty new after all.

There is an know issue that Bambu Studio did not auto-arrange objects to right places after switching from A1 mini to X1. This issue has been fixed and will be included in the next version of Bambu Studio.


Had a similar issue but just noting it here because this popped up on the google search. My issue was I only had the “X1C” check marked in the printer UI but when BambuStudio starts it always started with the “A1” profile, even though its not checked and shouldn’t be in the list. On the MacOS version if you right click the app and show contents then go to ‘printers’ folder each file is for a specific printer - in my case I deleted N1.json and N2S.json (if you open them they are json/text so you can check which printer the file is for). Now the A1 is gone from the list and BambuStudio starts with my X1C profile. Quite annoying to tweak a file, size things just right then when you slice it says “This printer doesn’t match… blah blah” — glad this was an easy fix!

The printer type selected on the printer UI will not affect the Printer Preset in Bambu Studio.

Bambu Studio will remember the printer preset you used last time, and will auto-select it when you launch it again.

I am not sure whether you are complaining about opening a 3mf or using “Open in Bambu Studio” will replace your own printer preset to the one in the 3mf.
In the next Bambu Studio’ official release, we will provide an option to import only the geometry data when you click “Open in Bambu Studio”. In this way, your printer preset and filament settings will not be changed, but all slicing settings in the 3mf will also be discarded.