Optimal place to install GCode to switch MC Fan on and off in P1P

Take me +1 for people who

→ and the fan does not spin.

The wiki page should have a comment on this.

Just got this from Bambu support, they need to get their stuff figured out!

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@jjorg89 so, did it really spin?

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same thing for me… It should work already

New fan firmware is here! TBD to see if it works. I’ll post if it does.

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Latest firmware (20230608 installed and I can confirm that commands 10 A1 S255 and M710 S0 work.

The printer did not immediately find the latest update, but unplugging power and plugging it back in helped and the update appeared for download.

So, with the new update, you can safely mount the Noctua without making wire modifications?

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I don’t think there is a Noctua fan wired for the Bambu printers, are you asking if you can now use the full functionality of the Noctua fans (use all the wires, although still needing to re-pin them)?

Just installed the noctua pwm fan yesterday and it’s working nice with the new firmware.
But the re-pin need to be done. The 5v and ground wires are reversed.


Do I need to add code to machine end g-code aswell? Also bambu site says I need to add that line at reset machine status? P1P and AMS Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki

After mounting the fan, you need to enter the command M710 A1 S255 in the initial part of the printer G-Code (see photo top) and the code M710 S0 in the final part, just as the last code string, stop.

As for the Noctua NF-A4x10 5V PWM, it works fine with the code, just reverse the wires (yellow instead of black and vice versa).

Do you have a photo of what it looks like for the end code? Thanks. I’m more visual and really don’t want to mess this up.

Here you go

It works 100%