Optimal place to install GCode to switch MC Fan on and off in P1P

Looking for the optimal place to install the necessary Gcode to switch the X1 Stock MC Fan on and off after installing in enclosed P1P with ARC enclosure and X1 glass top plate. Chamber fan also installed.

Ideally looking for the fan to be running when printer in use but off when printer cooled down/dormant.

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I would put it in the printer profile, which has start and end gcode sections.


@JonCC4, could you take a screen shot if you did what @holmes4 suggested and if it worked? Thank you both very much!

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Is there even Gcode for the MC fan? I missed that’s what you were asking about. I’m not aware there is.


According to the P1P wiki there is. Its stated under the “Precautions for P1P Enclosure”

To turn on the MC Board Fan: M710 A1 S255

Turn off the MC Board Fan: M710 S0



Ah, right - it’s not done with M106 the way the other fans are.


Awesome, thank you both!

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What fan header did you plug it into ? i cant find info on what one to use?

thanks for your reply?

well, update. I got the fam installed and added the G-Code per the photo above and the fan does not seem to be turning on when I run tests with a 20mm calibration cube.

anyone have any ideas?

Someone said it’s not enabled in the firmware and that bambu will enable it with a future firmware update. Still waiting

I followed instructions for replacing the X1 MB Fan on the Bambu Wiki…the board is same layout on P1P.
Not sure if older P1P have this disabled as some have said this doesnt work for them, but I definitely have a spinning fan and paper sticking to back of air vent showing its spinning fast enough to draw air in. I bought my P1P couple of months ago.

Worth stating I did not mount the fan where Bambu X1 mounts. I printed a fan holder that sits on top of the heatsink and pulls air in directly through the grill and blows down onto the heatsink. Using a thermal camera it showed a better heat dissipation. Does force the heat up through the vents above the MB into the printing cabinet do highly recommend this fan is added in conjunction with the other recommended fans especially if you are running the printer fulling enclosed.

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I did the same thing. I bought the X1 fan and printed the fan shroud that blows on the heat sink. I have been trying to get the g-code to work, but its not turning on. Maybe a bad Fan? I know I have seen the issue about the fan not being setup in the firmware, so I tried the G-code. is there a terminal to send commands to the printer so I can just try sending the code to it?

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Does anyone know actually what is going on? Is it turned on yet? I just installed mine and put the gcode in and Its not spinning. Any help greatly appreciated.

I did the same. No spin. Quite frustrating to be honest. It looks like a easy fix…

People have been saying the PWM signal is the current firmware issue. Some have de-pinned the fan’s PWM pin and it just runs if the printer is on. I haven’t installed mine yet. I’ll just wait until the next firmware update. I hate throwing mickey mouse patches in that conflict may with the firmware.

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Add me to the list of people that have installed the MC fan, but can’t get it to function via gcode…

Also build MC fan in and used the standard Bambulab MC fan.
put M710 A1 S255 in the startcode and also not working.
Firmware version :
Nothing in the release history about the fan.
My guess is it’ll come in the next update.


Does P1P use different codes from X1C? Here’s how I control the chamber fan in X1C in my ABS filament settings:

Start code:
M106 P3 S25 ; Run chamber fan at 10%

End code:
M106 P3 S0 ; turn off chamber fan

Edit: I do it in the filament settings as opposed to printer settings because it’s something I only need for ABS.

This is not the chamber fan, which works the same way as X1C when installed into a P1P, rather the motherboard fan which is disabled in the P1P firmware as it has a heatsink installed.