Option to allow to remove flow test from build plate

Not sure if it just me or others feel the same but id like to use the whole build plate, with and without doing flow tests. Maybe an option could be added when sending the file to printer that allows a timed pause to allow you to remove the flow test before the print starts??


You can just uncheck it before sending it to the printer or uncheck it when printing from the SD card. The option is there.

thats not what im asking, i want to be able to run it and still use the full plate. Not all of my prints will have a prior print where i have already done a flow calibration

if you can wait until the flow calibration is done u can manuall push “pause” remove the flow calibration filament and then continue the print… it is the easiest way…

Untested and guessing here:

This about 6 lines from the end of the start g-code (after the M109) should pause for 10 seconds if flow calibration was on.

M1002 judge_flag extrude_cali_flag
M622 J1
G4 S10

edit: I saw a list of known Bambu specific g-codes somewhere and can’t remember where - anyone know?


Sorry, I misunderstood.

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I would very much like this feature too. I often print large things that take up the full build volume, and I always use the flow calibration. Currently, I have to sit around for several minutes waiting until the flow calibration is complete so I can remove it. There should be an option when you send the print to the printer, to have it automatically pause and notify the user that the flow calibration is ready to be removed.

Search under the User Mods, someone has done a new set of start and end Gcode, and calls out the test section.

I always wait until it’s done then using my small flat scraper, pull up the 4 strands at the end and peel them off when the actual print starts.

No real need for a pause if you have to stand there and wait.

I absolutely agree with you. When the lidar has all the information needed for the flow calibration you shoud be able to remove those test lines and use the full buid volume.

You can simply disable the calibration and there won’t be any calibration lines to begin with.
If you want to use the entire build plate, have a look at the wiki, there is an article describing exactly what you have to do.

Well that is the point I want the calibration and the full build volume. It will only need some asistance from the user but it could be made as an option in the slicer.