Ordered two A1 Mini - received only 1

I’ve ordered two A1 Mini when preorders opened.

Today mail came and it was only 1 box, thus only one A1 Mini. I’ve called currier that gave the box to my gf (I wasn’t home) and he said that he got only 1 box.

Also, online it’s saying that DHL is going to deliver, but I’ve got this one via DPD.

What is going on? Is Bambu shipping A1 Mini printer by printer and using different shipping companies or was there a mixup and I should contact support?

These packages tend to be quite large, so they are likely all being shipped printer by printer. Most people ordering multiple printers likely don’t want a pallet dropped at the end of their driveway.

As for what shipped when and who is delivering it, refer to your package tracking information.

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Like I said, online it says DHL and there isn’t more info but “Order data transmitted electronically” - so, the package is supposedly still in Germany and not in transit. But I’ve got one printer today nevertheless.

If you have the DHL tracking number and suspect their tracking information is not up to date, then just call them. If they have the package, only they will know where it’s located. Nobody here is going to be able to give you the current location for your package.

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It is common for courier companies to use local delivery companies/agents for the final leg of delivery.