Organize files on MicroSD card into folders

I would like to have a way to access the file system of the printer/microSD remotely on the PC or at least via Bambu Studio to structure the files in subfolders. With currently about 20 files, this is already quite confusing.


I don’t think the mainboard has enough ram to do that much prefetching, actually I know it doesn’t

Very easy through client FTP for example FileZilla

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I have 300 files on the card. And I’m tired of looking for the file I need every time, scrolling through the entire list. I even wrote about this problem on github. But they are still silent there.

Doesn’t work for me.

Yes, we need basic file organization options. “Folders” have been around for a very long time on computers. Acting like these printers don’t have the hardware to make folders is pretty silly.