Outdated Bambu Studio

Some 3mf downloaded from makerworld shows “The 3mf’s version is newer than Bambu Studio’s version, Found following keys unrecognized…”

Any link to download this new version?

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+1 it doesn’t appear to be a big deal, as most settings seem to transfer without a problem, yet, it’s quite irritating because I can’t find any mention of said version whatsoever.

New version is in the works, I suppose

Are these new profiles being generated from the cloud slicer in the new mobile app? I saw some really cool features like the project tab working again, chamber temp available in gcode, z-hop setting for different height ranges. Hope this shows up for Studio soon.

you can compile the newest version yourself if you know how …

The newer/unreleased version probably has support for the A1-Mini and this is the reason why it hasn’t been released yet.