Overhand test print for A1 mini?


I’m a real first timer and have just started on my A1 mini. I was wondering if there was a good test print that would indicate the range A1 mini can print overhangs etc. ? I’m wondering what the maximum angle it can handle for example for when adding supports

Thanks for any help you can give

This basic one works and you can cut it in half if you only wanted to do the 15 - 75 test or resize the length as needed for testing.

Mini Overhang Test

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Oh great! Thanks. I’ll give it a try

Hmmm… I said I was a newby- after thinking I’m not actually sure how I should use this :crazy_face:. Do I print it out and see where about the print starts to fail? (And then cancel the print when it starts to fail?)

Thanks for the help

Yes you can cancel the print if things start looking real bad, no need to waste filament.

If you want you can run this 3D print test and see what happens when you are starting out then you can see all the results of the filament you are using and see where you need to make changes or not.

3D Printer test all in one

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Oh! Thanks. Will give it a try :pray: