P1P AMS doesnt read RFID tags for filament?

I bought some filament from Bambu, and when i load it into my p1p, Bambu studio just thinks it the generic PLA that i was using before, and i have to manually set the type and color. Does the P1P not have the RFID reading capability?


I don’t own the P1P

But in the slicer software add a part slice it.

Then click on the top device tab and see if you have these options.

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That top option was already checked for me when i loaded the filament. I ended up having to check “update on startup” and then restarted the printer, then it recognized. Thats a bit annoying to do everytime i change filament though, as it resets my access code, and i have to reenter it into all my software/devices again.

You would think click the “A1, A2, A3, A4” refresh icons would force it to check the filament, but it doesnt seem to do that, as i tried it multiple times.

Sometimes you get a roll that will take multiple attempts to read for some reason. Refreshing the slot a few times eventually works.

I did add 2 separate rolls, and tried to refresh about a half dozens times for each one. At this point its just easier to manually set the filament i guess, so no point in buying the bambu labs filament then really.

Do you know what firmware your AMS has might be an update ?

You can open a support ticket if you have all the current versions that might help get a solution on this problem :crossed_fingers:

I don’t use the Bambu lab filament, I just have a lot of filament and other printers.

Have a good one :v:

Wow that seems excessive. I think one time one roll took 4 tries but most of the time it gets it on the first try. (Of of the 50 or so swaps I’ve done).

You have to synchronise the AMS with Bambu Studio after changing spools in the AMS. In the next release an option is available for auto synchronisation with Bambu Studio.