P1P build bed comes down half way

I have 2x P1Ps the first I purchased 3+ months ago and when the print is done the print bed descends all the way to the bottom. The new P1P I just purchased when the print is done it descends to about half way to the bottom. Both printers have the latest firmware. This is puzzling to me.
I was thinking that maybe this option is ticked in the menu somewhere but I have not been able to identify that option or is there something wrong with my new printer?
I can bring the bed all the way down by pressing the Z arrows on the menu of the printer.
Any ideas?

I’ve got 5 P1S’s and they all go down a little more than halfway when done. Never had one go to the bottom.

This is very strange, my only concern is to be able to return or exchange the printer if something is wrong within the 2 weeks allowed.

It depends on the height of the printed object.
Here is the corresponding gcode from the ‘Machine end G-code’:

{if (max_layer_z + 100.0) < 250}
    G1 Z{max_layer_z + 10.0} F600
    G1 Z{max_layer_z +8.0}
    G1 Z250 F600
    G1 Z248

Soon after I upgraded to the latest firmware it descended to the bottom (:“what’s it doing now”!) but thankfully since then it’s behaved as normal.

The machine is printing fine. I have not yet printed an item that uses the full Z height maybe I should do that to verify the printing bed descends to the max Z properly.

you might have the plate the wrong way in. Then the buildplate only goes half way down.