P1P enclosure noise reduction

For those who have enclosed their P1P, whether using Bambu Lab upgrade kit or not. Does the enclosure bring an advantage regarding noise reduction? I imagine that could be the case, but by how much?

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I was thinking of updating to the P1S just for this reason. My printer is in our work room and my wife sometimes complains of the noise!


It depends, what you are printing. I‘ve red, that the chamber fan should be very loud. That‘s the fan, that the P1P not has. If you‘re printing mainly PLA you have to leave the door and the top open and so the noise reduction by the enclosure ist mostly gone. :thinking:

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When I got my first p1p I did the sd card benchy then installed the Arc enclosure that was printed on my Ender 5 S1. I was keeping the door and lid closed without a chamber fan and was seeing failed prints with PLA and PETG. The noise level was greatly reduced but heat creep was a issue when using the textured PEI plate. If I cracked the door and lid I could get about 4-6 hours before a failed print. I installed the chamber fan and was able to get about 8+ hours without a failed print with the door and lid closed. But the chamber fan when using PLA is at 100% duty cycle, it is loud, PETG is a little better but still loud. I think I could have got away with using a PLA cool plate with the door and lid cracked when using PLA since its only 35C compared to 65C with the textured plate that comes with the P1P. ABS,PC,PA ASA, etc… doesnt use the chamber fan so it is much more quiet then if it wasnt enclosed. But at this point I have been using ABS, ASA, and PC as if it were PLA so the enclosure was a great investment. a MC fan is a MUST if you enclose the P1P. I installed a Noctua MC fan…it runs all the time even at idle but you can not hear it at all, I did print this vent slider top : Printables, and rear panel holder :Printables so I can open the vents and remove the rear window when doing long PLA and PETG prints without a issue while keeping the lid on and door closed with the textued PEI plate. If you are going to do alot of PLA I would get the ARC kit, I just orded the P1S since it will be mostly used with high temp filaments, If I was using alot of PLA/PETG I would have gotten another P1P and enclose it with a Arc kit along with the 2 add ons that are in the links above. I did a 4 day multi colored print, it was nice to be able to remove the front door (quickly with a magnet), crack the top vents, and remove the rear window to not worry about heat creep. The top vents are nice when you have the AMS on top of the lid.