P1P Extension Board Testing starts now!

The forum is available and all the users that provided their email and received the board are added to it
If it is not available for you, send me a PM with your info and we’ll solve it.


@Ciprian I am in the beta but the email address I registered in the forum with is different than that I registered for the beta. As such I don’t have access to that private channel. Please cross check my email address and allow me access.

I wanted to apply for the form to get the extension board but when I click at the link it says „form deleted“. Can you help me or isn‘t it available anymore?

Whatever happened with the Extension Board testing? I’d like to get one.

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That’s a great question. Lol

man, just saw this. I would be interested to try this out if you guys still need people, well past the time, and just read the initial post.

I don’t know if this will help, but There is a 3mf file on bbu wiki for the extension board.