P1P Filament not loading

My P1P has started giving me issues with the filament not feeding through properly
I have the AMS unit and the filament starts feeding but then stops about 30cm past the buffer.
It tries refeeding itself several times and then gives up
If I manually pull the filament out and cut it off and then refeed it it seems to work untill the next filament change
I am using Bambu Labs pla and a generic pla all new filament bought recently
Anyone have any Ideas


I did have a similar issue in the past when trying PETG with BVOH. Turned out that the Min/Max temp settings for the filament change led to heat creep of the BVOH which then got stuck everywhere (often the AMS, more often the HuB and PTFE connectors, occasionally between the extruder and nozzle).

Setting Min/Max Temperatures for all materials to (roughly) the lowest common denominator (in my case 240°) solved that for me.

Try changing it your filament cutter, it sounds like it’s not cutting cleanly.

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