P1P Firmware Release

Dear P1P users,

Thanks for all your support. R&D has received many requests for new features such as downgrading firmware, liveview outside of local networks, saving print history to the printer MicroSD card, and much more.

Firmware brings you all the updates that we could put together. Please enjoy it and thanks again for all your support!

For all the details (And there are lots of those) see the release notes here: ​P1P and AMS Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki



Great news, @SirWill !

so when will Handy APP V1.2.0, Studio V1.7.0.0 release?

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Nice update,

done it and the Camera is now available outside the Network of the Printer. Saving the print history on the SD card, you mean by that if we send a file over from Bambu Studio over the cloud that it gets stored like a normal print we slice and save to the sd card?

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The X1 already has all those features - this is just bringing the P1P closer to parity, feature-wise.



I really do not understand why a new G code was created for the control board fan.

Added support for using M710 G-code to control the MC fan
M710 A1 S255:turn on the automatic control of the MC fan,the MC fan will automatically turn on when the stepper motor is turned on and turn off when the stepper motor is turned off;
M710 S0:turn off the MC fan.

It would have made more sense to just add another fan number for M106 and 107.

  • P0 part cooling fan
  • P1 aux fan
  • P2 chamber fan
  • P3 cold end fan (new)
  • P4 electronics cooling fan (new)

Feature Request

Even though M710 has already been added, there is no reason that P4 cannot also be added for M106 and M107.

In addition, please add the ability to access the cold end fan. Both on the P1P control panel and with G code. It would be good if setting the nozzle temp above ambient turned it on regardless of the manual setting. The reason for providing control of it allows it to be tested. There are several users, including me, that have a fan that failed. It would have been much easier to check the fan and make sure the new one worked if it could be turned on manually.

And i have to report the first bug with this firmware. The Camera just shows the first frame and never updates again. Closing the app of Software in the PC doesn’t help. Pressing pause on the video and play again just refreshes one Frame and then freezes.


I guess the addition of being able to restore previous firmware is the best change.

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Was coming here to say the same thing. On both Wi-Fi and data on the handy app.

first of all: that printer rocks! nice job bambulabs!

…and same here but when i just wait the printer goes offline and online again and then start calibration, having this freezing prob just with calibration, prints starts normal.

the fill-in doesnt work right, its like the extruder stops extruding and there are lots of holes in every fill-in line- outlines work well so there is no mechanical problem.
i updated the firmware while i was printing same parts, and from then on there was that fill-in problem.

The Problem with the freezing Camera on remote LAN is fixed, they pushed out a app update that fixes the problem. A reinstall of the app would also fix it. Nice job

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The printer is still disconecting from bambu studio and bambu Handy. It disconects and then I cant connect to it (studio and Handy app says that it is offline, But that is not true). The printer has a good Wi-Fi signal, most of the time max strenght. I have to either restart the printer, or forget my account in printer and bind it again. It is really anoying issue, please fix it asap, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Is it only me, or does the flowrate calibration together with the AMS is broken since this firmware update?


I’m having this same issue, it’s so annoying.

I’m having this same issue, it’s so annoying!

yeah I have the same issue with the latest Firmware.

What’s the issue and for what version?

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