P1P freezing and failing prints

Hi all,
I’m getting a weird issue with a P1P I received about a week and a half ago. In short, it’s going along printing just fine and then stops. The screen just shows “PRINTING”, but no file associated with that. Hot end and bed temperatures stay where they are during printing. Pausing and restarting didn’t help, neither did an off/on switch to see if print recovery did its thing. The printer is able to see the file if I go to the folder icon.

I’ve found discussion threads that have blamed this on a faulty SD card, but we’re on Expensive Brand™ card #3 and experiencing the same issue. See attached image which were ones preloaded on the P1P card that was copied over - these are the last two prints from two different SD cards.

Does anyone have an idea or has someone experienced (and hopefully fixed) the same issue?

Is your machine stock standard you have not enclosed it or put a cover on the top? The temp inside the machine was around 47 deg C at the time so if your machine is running in a hot room it may also cause a problem.

I enclosed my printer and found that the machine overheats and does the same thing.

I use a FTP to send and delete files on my X1C, and did on my previous P1P, on the P1P if I sent a file while it was printing it would do what yours is doing, so maybe it is a network issue, just a thought?
It has never happened with my X1C

No enclosures at all - it has the anti-vibration feet that Bambu sells, otherwise it’s standard.

I use Bambu Studio and send files - I have two X1Cs with no problem, but yeah, maybe sending files freezes it up? Something I’ll have to try.

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Yes that was my problem with the P1P, any interaction when printing network wise would halt prints and just cause big blobs, and I would have to start all over again

As an update to everyone:

For more details, I have two new P1Ps that came with the camera and LED strips installed (yeah, the P1S may have been better, but unfortunately I placed the order the day before the announcement).

I performed a firmware rollback on the P1P that was acting up and it finished a 7 hour print it previously failed. The other P1P is still on newer firmware and hasn’t had an issue, so it’s anyone’s guess.

I haven’t been able to replicate the issue by sending a file during printing, but I do believe it’s something to do with the motherboard being overloaded. The camera feed on the P1Ps are truly awful (as in a frame every few seconds, if that), so maybe it’s trying to do too much and just kind of freaks out. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

In any case I’ve reached out to Bambu and hopefully will get a better answer (someday). I’ll update this if I get an actual resolution.

P1p freezes when printing.

Hello dear Bamboo Lab team. I have a small problem, I printed a small figure with my Bamboo Lab p1p, it was almost finished and 23 minutes before completion, the print just stopped and wouldn’t continue, I pressed pause, then it went backwards . Then I pressed start again. He warmed up drove to the position where he left off and didn’t continue, what can that be?

@xrealmagic Revert to a previous firmware version, the latest one on P1Ps has this issue. You can find a guide here: X1/X1-Carbon and AMS Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki (Control + F to search for “downgrade”) and choose the other option there. Even though the documentation is for the X1, it works for P1Ps. You will need the Bambu Handy app on a phone.

Will it be fixed in the next firmware or is that not in the works yet?

I would hope so, but I can’t speak for the developers. If the P1P and P1S have the same hardware then I’m sure it will get solved soon.

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SInce I upgraded the Firmware on my P1P I am struggling to get prints to stick to the build plate, looking at the gap between the nozzle and build plate the gap is larger than on my X1C. Another problem on the P1P is the screen reaction time is very delayed when making changes on the interface.