P1P Noise reduction w/ enclosure, tent & sound decoupling

After some weeks of experimentation, I was able to reduce the noise of P1P to 43 dB on average when measured 1m from printer, and 40 dB on average when measured 2.5m from the printer (my desk). I am able to work all day while the printer is going at it & it does not bother me at all. The attached Soundmeter app measurements at 1-2.5m distance was validated by Digital Sound Level Meter bought at the hardware store.

First i added Aluminium enclosure with acryl front cover from Etsy and high temperature P1P roof from Amazon. The roof is slightly elevated, so there is no contact with the cable & PTFE tube, and has a removable backside that allows for some airflow. I only print PLA like a pleb so that works for me.

Next bought the Comgrow small fireproof tent (50x65x70cm) and added self-adhesive acoustic panels (Amazon) to the inside. This tent is perfect as it does not make contact with the concrete slab so there is no extra vibration. Initially I used a photography tent (50x50x50cm) but this sat directly on the concrete slab & this generated some additional noise.

Next I put down 3 layers on the tent floor: a concrete slab/tile (50x50x5cm) on top of a piece of soft sound insulation foam (50x50x4cm) on top of a rubber tile (50x50x4cm). See CNC Kitchen youtube video on vibration decoupling for more details.

Lastly, I put 4 vibration dampeners (amazon) under the printer feet on top of the concrete slab & placed the leftover sound insulation foam upright inside the tent. I made sure there was still enough airflow by opening the holes at the back & the sides (10x10cm).

Final note: i tested the Bambulab anti-vibration feet instead of the vibration dampeners but this resulted in increased vibrations & noise. I even tested the feet on top of the vibration dampeners but the result was similar. The feet are def effective if the printer is on a desk or table.

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And total cost of this?

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what was the noise level before?

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i think total cost is 350 euro, although if you can make the side panels & roof yourself you can shave off 150 euro from that. i have no trouble spending on comfort. I know thats a lot of money but i see it as a longer term investment as most of it can be re-used when replacing the printer. In my defense i share printer costs with my gf :sweat_smile:

i measured an average of 56 dB, with max up to 63 dB. Note that decibels increase exponentially: increase of 10 dB on decibel scale is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound pressure level. I had to put on noise canceling headphones to tolerate being in the same room, now i barely notice its printing without headphones.