P1P/P1S Toolhead Modification

I have a two part question. I know we can all purchase replacement front housing assemblies “toolhead cover” from the Bambu store site. link: Front Housing Assembly - P1 Series | Bambu Lab US
But I was wanting to know if we are able to use the X1 toolhead cover so we can have/mod the light up logo for the P1? I see there’s a different connector in comparison to the two assemblies but I didn’t know if there is a way to swap those.

My second question, instead of purchasing a different toolhead cover, is there an .stl or model file available so we can print our own and just swap the cooling fan? I’ve been scouring the internet as far as I can, but I can’t find any model files for the toolhead cover. It would be nice to be able to customize my printer like some of the other parts. I’ve seen other people paint theirs, but that’s not really a good solution, especially if you’re wanting to swap to different colors or print some other logos on there.

Any help would be great!!

Yes the front housings use a different connector and wiring harness. There is also a difference in the tool head boards as the P series doesn’t have to my knowledge the mosfet to control the tool head light via gcode. This wouldn’t stop you from using a P part cooling fan in a X tool head housing and wiring the led to constant power in the head.