P1P preorders opening on Black Friday

The P1P Pre-orders are going live VERY soon. We have learnt a thing or two in the past couple of months when it comes to pre-orders, so have a read through our blog!

P1P preorders opening on Black Friday

Add-on gifts will be given with the first batch of P1Ps

I really hope that you make the add-on extension board really cheap, so that it creates a flourishing community around this device. I am sure it will also drive the sales upward for this device.

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@BambuLab — Your blog post says …“…our factory has produced enough X1 printers to fulfill every preorder” — I myself am waiting on two pre-order final payments. So if you’ve produced enough to fulfill ever preorder then why are there so many posts on the facebook groups of customers facing the same concerns that they preordered never have gotten the final payment let alone knowing when they will receive their preorder? Launching the P1P is making X1 preorder customers a bit frustrated as the focus is off the preorders and onto the P1P to drum up cash flow - when the P1Ps will not even be shipped to customer until 2023 - who really knows yet you taken full payment.

So when is this Add-On box arriving for the P1P ? @BambuLab