P1P spaghetti printing problem

Been having a terrible printing problem. Things ive tried to fix it 1. replaced everything on the head extruder/ nozzle/ extruder motor . 2. calibrated everything k factor and flow. 3. dried filament 4. factory reset and did all updates to solve a bug chance. Would anyone have some ideas ? would it be a board issue ? ?

What filament are you using and what temp?

what surface are you printing on and how did you prep it?

pla @ 220. yes surface is prep.

so i toke out the extruder and just tried pulling the filament through manually and boy is that tough on the 1 extruder. has everyone gotten there extruder tightened totally as far as it goes?

when i print under 250 the extruder motor is struggling to push it through which makes me wonder how tight it really should be ?

According to this video at 1:48 they show Bambu snugging it down that’s about it.

that’s not the problem either. could it be the thermostat on the nozzle thinking its at 220 but really is at 160 ?

Problem solved !!! I did 15 cold pulls with the Allen key till the key totally didn’t have anything on there, i always did just one or two but never 100% till its totally clean. but i did change the motor so if this doesn’t help you change it.