P1S bad walls print quality

Hello guys,
I have 2 problems one the strange lines across walls seems like related to Z axis, did any one notice something like this?

and second one is inconsistent layer lines.

I try calibration, belt tensions(nothing change), changes print settings on slicer(speed, retraction, wall orders etc.), check orca and prusa slicer.

Check your gear mesh in extruders. I suspect it’s some loose or some issue there. These wood grain effect is due to extruder gear backlash.

Actually this lines only on vase mode, I’m will check the extruder. I have hardened kit,I will try to replace one.

Please share if you installed the hardened kit and have noticed any changes on the quality of the walls.

After changed hardened kit for extruder, difference is only between noozle size.
Left side is 0.6mm right side 0.4mm

A 0.4 nozzle may have worse print quality if you are bumping up speeds. The reason is, the speed is controlled by the volumetric flow of the material. Sure… the actual speeds we set in slicer matter, but they can be overridden if they exceed the volumetric flow of the filament. This is important because a 0.4 nozzle will have less flow capability than a 0.6. This means the machine has headroom to increase speed.

For example, let’s say the 0.4 nozzle is set to 400mm/sec at .20 layer height and the 0.6 is also set to 400mm/sec at .20 layer height. Let’s also say the filament has a flow rate of 20mm3. All things equal, the 0.4 being a smaller nozzle may actually reach 400mm/sec but the 0.6 nozzle flows too good and will reach 20mm3 volume rate before its over 300mm/sec. So the slicer will override the 0.6 nozzle’s speed and max out the flow at that 300mm/sec allowing it to be printed slower and higher quality.

Don’t use those numbers as perfectly accurate, just know that volumetric flow matters more than speed in many cases. This means different nozzle sizes will flow differently causing the speed to go up or down depending on the filament’s max flow through the hot end.

The easy rule of thumb - larger nozzles will generally print slower unless you update your volumetric flow rate. And in this case, a slower print can have better print quality for obvious reasons.

All that said… make sure your belts are tight and the bearings are all holding up properly. Play in the drivetrain will introduce weird vertical print anomalies.