P1S camera video

I know the camera has a record setting, where does it save the video to? can it be shared and how?

Time-lapses save to the SD card.
You have to remove the card and read it with your PC to get the video.

Sounds like this is about to change with the next firmware release. The recent Bambu Studio 1.8 public beta has this note:

  1. Support device file management for P1P/P1S/A1 mini #2088 #2328 .

Bambu Studio now supports file browsing for P1/P1S/A1 mini. Please note that this feature relies on the printer firmware being upgraded to a new version(P1P/P1S v1.5 and A1 mini v1.2 to be released).
When this feature is enabled, you can browse and download timelapse video files on the printer through the studio, browse model slice files on the printer, and initiate printing; However, the downloading model function of these models on printers is still not supported.