P1S Camera

The P1S camera is so bad that I got the idea to set up my own . I printed out a flexible camera mount and used a spare ring camera and the video is fantastic. I can access the camera from anywhere in the world to check on and record a print.


Nice concept. Please share the parts you used and any photos of how you put it together.

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Nice! I thought the built in cam was a low quality webcam at least. Not a timelapse cam literally watching a live timelapse. People say it’s fine for just checking it’s printing you’re not going to save a print. Yeah I’d rather watch a video of the printing anyway either way this way or that way. So I’m trying to adapt a new camera either Ring or Kasa. My problem is I have the AMS sitting on top and can’t look through there removing the top. I’ll probably poke a hole in the side.

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