P1S door open with PLA


I just received my P1S and although it’s not loud I would like to close the door while printing. I heard with PLA it can get too hot and is not recommended. Will I see noticeable defects in the print or should I just stick with leaving it open?
Thank you!

Maybe. If so, you could take the glass top off instead of leaving the door hang open.

I’m just trying to reduce noise but I think it would be the same if not a little less noise… I also have a AMS on top.

There are people printing PLA with the door closed. But like most things when it comes to 3D printing, you’ll need to experiment and see what works best for your unique environment.

Run the same print with the door open and then again while closed. Compare them and see if the door position makes a difference.


I’m one of the “people” that print PLA with the door closed. Always have, always will. The room temperature where I have my printer stays at about 70-71F. Too chilly for fresh printed filament. Unless you want your model popping off the plate in the middle of a print. :wink:

I print open and closed, just depends on how I feel that day. I’ve never had issues with either, although I almost always have the top propped open. Not that noisy.

Using the Cool Plate, you never need to open the door or lid. Unfortunately that plate seems to be EOL now? I have no idea why, that plate is terrific. I’m lucky to have 2-3 spare sheets for mine.

When using the textured PEI plate, I’m printing with the glass lid off for larger or longer lasting prints with PLA due to heat creep. For smaller stuff I don’t care and leave the door and lid closed.
Other than that, I always turn off the aux fan completely due to warping issues.

I’d suggest using a cold plate instead, if leaving the door or lid open is an issue.

I usually leave the aux fan at 10% rather than turning it fully off, exploiting the colder air under the hotbed.