P1S keeps clogging

Hi all,

In the past month or so my P1S keeps clogging the filament…
Tried different rolls/makes, opened the extruder, cleaned the gears…
A new nozzle, works for like month tops and it starts to clog.
No matter what I do, it just keeps clogging; literally makes me throw it out the window :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Top cover has been removed, so cannot blame the heat.

Any advices?

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What size of nozzle and what type of filament? Is the extruder jamming (heat creep) or is the nozzle clogging? You are unable to clear the clog?


0.4, simple PLA, dual/tri colour filaments.
It’s like under extruding.
Yeah I clear the clog, but the next print same thing happens…

Maybe it’s not screwed on tight enough, resulting in a snag condition. Check the wiki.

It’s fully tight, I know there are issues with TPU having the tensioner screw fully tight…but not PLA

I always had problems with silk filament clogging due to them being much thicker. I switched to 0.6mm nozzle and clogs are a thing of the past. Quality is almost identical with 0.12mm layers.


I see there was no real answers, did you ever figure this out. Im having same issue. My p1s has clogged more in the last 4 months than my 2 vypers combined in the last year. How can a such an expensive and “high quality” be so unreliable? My creality k1 max is blowing the bambu out of the running completely


Same here ! printed with 2 printers from last december to about May of 24 . After that it has been a night mare ! Clogs every other print. Nevermind , trying to print longer than 1.5 hours . I know I don’t have nozzle issues nor extruder issues because I bought brand new parts for every single one of my printers. I’ve also bought a $200.00 dehumidifier for my basement to make sure to keep that sucker under 30% humidity. I bought an expensive spool dryer that didn’t do the trick either. I seem to be able to print with all the other colors or silk filament but basic black PLA is a disaster. Sometimes I get through a one hour print and then I have to give it a break then I can print again. If I try to print back-to-back I will guarantee get a clog. I’m starting to think and assume that it is heat creep. I’m assuming that the summer conditions in my basement are quite different than spring and winter. But it’s a bit confusing because when I look at the thermometer with the AC running and the dehumidifier clearing the air the conditions seem identical to winter period in any case I’m completely besides myself and I have no recourse. Every time I read these posts everyone points at the Super silly obvious stuff. I’m not knocking anyone i’m just saying it’s something deeper and I can’t seem to figure it out. The killer part of all of this is I’m trying to run an Etsy business which has been extremely successful. But that might come to an end because of these issues