P1S Poop Limiting

So I am new to 3d printing but one thing I have noticed that every time I print something it “poops” filament out the back. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to limit how much is wasted at the start of the print and a good amount to be “pooped” out. I have looked a few places but everything I see is about a year old and when ever I try to follow the steps certain items or code are missing. I assume this is because of design changes for Bambu Studio. Thanks in advance for any help.

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. The pooping is normal and is needed to prime the system and nozzle. In the grand scheme of things it’s less than $.01 worth of filament.


As a non AMS user i outright disabled the poop before each print (gcode). It makes no sense to cut and and extrude material if you didn’t change it. Works just as good, saves time and filament.

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Where can I find the option to disable the pooping? :wink:

You have to remove the lines in the machine Gcode.

I also created a profile disabling most of the Calibration so it now only takes around 55 seconds instead of 5-7 Minutes. Prints as good as before. Occasionally i do a full bed level and calibration