P1S Poop Limiting

So I am new to 3d printing but one thing I have noticed that every time I print something it “poops” filament out the back. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to limit how much is wasted at the start of the print and a good amount to be “pooped” out. I have looked a few places but everything I see is about a year old and when ever I try to follow the steps certain items or code are missing. I assume this is because of design changes for Bambu Studio. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. The pooping is normal and is needed to prime the system and nozzle. In the grand scheme of things it’s less than $.01 worth of filament.


As a non AMS user i outright disabled the poop before each print (gcode). It makes no sense to cut and and extrude material if you didn’t change it. Works just as good, saves time and filament.

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Where can I find the option to disable the pooping? :wink:

You have to remove the lines in the machine Gcode.

I also created a profile disabling most of the Calibration so it now only takes around 55 seconds instead of 5-7 Minutes. Prints as good as before. Occasionally i do a full bed level and calibration

A small catch basket would be a good accessory, rather than dropping the “poop” on the floor. Has anyone printed one yet?

we found this one & it works well for us

there is a better/nicer one on the official bambu app. Just goto models and search P1S Poop Chute. It hugs the curve of the machine really well.

There’s a lot of creative poop-/waste- chute/slide projects, yea.
I still don’t get why so many designs rely on magnets for something that is supposed to attach more or less permanently. I was only able to find a single screw-in solution that utilizes the lower chute screw mount.

Can anyone recommend other screw-in solutions (solutions that don’t require a ground to stand on, since my printer is almost at the edge of my table)?
I’m currently using this one: Poop Chute (Yet Another) - UPDATED by Wiseone - MakerWorld
I’m about to redo the one above, or just make my own that utilizes both chute screws

When your needs become more specialized like this, you run the risk of having to model your own prints. Its a good way to learn, too.

I’m actually at it, right now. I usually do game-ready 3D models where dimensions and real life mechanics usually don’t matter. Constructing for 3D printing is a different league. I already tried abusing Blender as a CAD Tool, but it’s a pain. Especially when trying to do object placement requiring specific distances. In Blender I can only create helper objects with specific dimensions and abuse the snapping feature to kinda make it work.

This is my design - no magnets. You might find the screw mount will hold it without needing to have it resting on the bench behind the machine? I didn’t design it with that in mind but it might work for you.