P1S printing ASA. horrible finish on majority of parts

I will start off by saying i am new to the 3d printing world. I borrowed an Ender 3 to learn on and about 2 weeks ago revieved my P1S from bambu labs. I have printed multiple PLA items with no major problems or horrible finishes. I am now trying to print ASA parts using Polymaker ASA filament. I used the generic ASA profile with a couple tweaks. Slowed first layer down to 50 mm and slowed acceleration for first layer down to 250 mm. Running stock .4 nozzle. 270 degrees on first layer and 260 for the rest. And bed at 100 degrees i set the bed and close up the printer and wait about 10 or 15 mins before i print to let heat build up. For some reason reason I am getting horrible finish on some of my parts but one of them is pretty decent finish in my opinion for being so new it this. I am posting pictures of filament settings and a few of the parts…There is some scaring around the holes do to taking supports off but what im really confused with in the inconsistency of the walls. I REALLY need some help. If anyone has any input i would be greatful to hear it. The picture with the 3 parts is to show how they were on the high temp build plate .