P1S Rear mounted spool holder

Hey Everyone,

Im just curious if you can use larger spools with the rear mounted spool holder that comes with the printer, spools that are too big for the AMS. Im upgrading to the P1S and have filament that i was using with my old printer that are too big for the AMS

Thanks in advance.

That would require a larger spool holder.

Here’s one example of a 3Kg spool holder for p1 series printers.

What I really respect about designers like this is that he includes STEP files making it a breeze to modify the design to fit different applications.

Consider printing the Hydra mod, it will allow you to fit pretty much all manufacturers 1kg and below spools in the AMS.
The rear spool holder will fit most spools also. If you only want to use it, there’s a number of prints available to move it to the side for ease of access. You could also consider getting a dryer and print direct from that. You can make a splitter so you don’t have to remove the PTFE any time you want to print from a source apart from the AMS, whether from the external spool holder or dryer.

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