P1S strange infill print errors with PETG

Hi all,

I am trying to print my first bigger model with PETG on my P1S.

Filament is a new ESUN PETG White fresh out of the box.
I dried it before print for 6 hours at 60°C in an drying oven.

Bed Temp: 85°C
Nozzle Temp: 240°C
Door is closed
Top glass is popped open in the front with 5cm placeholder.


Now I am getting this errors during print:
(i paused the print to take this pictures)

Any idea what could be the problem?

so I think I found the problem. Nozzle Temp was too low.
The esun label on the spool said 230 to 250°C. So I thought take the middle with 240.

I stopped the print after it got worse and printed a temp tower afterwards.
There it got clear that 240 and even 250 is to cold.
The 260 section in the temp tower looked much better.
So now im trying the big one again with 260°C nozzle temp.

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