P1S Strange Sound

My printer makes a rattling, scratching noise when I move it. I have already carried out all the maintenance steps and the noise does not go away. I increasingly have the feeling that it is coming from the tool head. Do you have any ideas what it could be?

This could be the front shroud fan.

Mine did similar sounds and i could replicate it by just moving the print head forwards and back. If i took the shroud off the sound would disappear. To make sure it’s not the shroud i applied pressure to the fan hub and moved it again - no sound.

Contacted BL and got a new Shroud assembly. Opening the shroud and tightening the fan did not help as it seemed to be the hub (the part that spins) itself.


I can’t recreate the sound like this. Even if I stop the fan for a short time, the noise remains, albeit improved, but it stays. I have no idea where this comes from.


I got same thing, cannot find the cause. i thought maybe those are pulleys on the back, dunno. did you notice any print quality issues when you got those weird sounds ? on my side it seems to print fine, though in some head positions it rattles/squeeks more than in other

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I have a very simmilar issue but i think it also started affecting my print quality. Waiting for respond message from bambu :confused:

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I´ve got the same issue with my p1s.
i found something online about the cutting blade, and that it could be resposible. i´ve not checked if that solves my ratteling sound, but will do so next weak.
maybe it´ll help you. the guy taped in some kind of 2mm foam rubber and the noise dissapeared.

As an option, install washers on the model’s blower fan mount. I had same issue (it worked for me)… There was a similar topic on the forum.

Hello, did you find out the problem? I have the same problem.

any news? Did you find out the problem?

Same problem - started after moving the complete printer to another location; but don‘t affect print quality - so I will live with it for the moment, but I‘m still interested to find a solution…

Just got mine and its making similar noise, when moving head manually very slowly do you hear same noise? I think its bearing on the side meat roads, when head make small moves it makes this noise at least in my case.

Mine started making a sort of similar sound, but instead of being on the X/Y axis, it is on the Z. It only makes it when it goes down, not up.

Do you agree this sounds similar? It is kind of a crackle, scratch or pop sound.

Sound like filament rubbing somewhere. :man_shrugging:

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Any suggestions on where to look? I’ve only had it for a month so I don’t know all the places filament could fall and get rubbed. Also why would it affect only down and not up?

A bright flashlight and look in every possible place. If you dont see any filament around the bed or lead screws Then its probably not filament. It could be one lead screw that didn’t get enough lubrication.

To be honest i wouldn’t be bothered with the noise. I’ve heard much worse on my printer and it’s at 2200hrs. No running gear failures yet.

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This sound is really cruel. I cleaned everything, checked the belts and tensioned them again and now calibrated it new. It does not help.

Your video looks like the printer is doing the noise canceling calibration. Its suppose to make weird noises during this calibration.

It also sounds like my printer when it does the calibration routine.


I did this calibration after the sounds started. The sound was there before. It just is there when the speed is high. MAYBE it is normal, but it really sounds weird. But when your printer is doing the same sounds, i am fine with it and just ignore it. Thanks for the reply!

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Today, my printer also started making this weird sound, which can really be heard from the front and inside as a scratching noise during XY movement. But then I found out that it seems to be coming from the filament buffer.

I have a same noise. ( Do you have a solution to this?