P1S will not run any GCode

So I am not clear whats going on. I had just completed a successful very nice print no issues. Pulled print of the bed , clean plate, put glue on plate for another print. Sent a new print from same file (I am making a box so all plates in Bambu Studio are loaded) Then nothing print command seems to go away after its uploaded to the P1S. I can send prints to the P1S no issues. They download then start to run. The print head moves to the front of the print right side door. Then just stops and the screen goes back to printer ready on the P1S screen. The Bambu Studio and Handy do the same , go back to ready like no print was ever sent to the printer. I have tried several things, tried running calibration from Bambu Studio, Handy App and the P1S itself, I encounter the same problem. The printhead moves the front like its getting ready to print, then stops and the screen gcode command goes away. I have downgraded the software with no issue, I tried two previous downgraded firmwares just to be certain. And same issue, will not run after initial moving of printhead to the front. I wanted to attach a video to show how it moves to front and gcode goes away like it was never running anything but I dont see the option here.

I also checked the MC board in the back near the chute to see if any cables were loose somehow.
Oh, I also tried a new SD Card same issue. Tried to load a print directly from SD card same issue. I am at a loss at this point. I feel the MC Board may be the issue.
Uploaded video of issue to YouTube: https://youtu.be/o21eiRftT2o

So to recap: Tried reset printer
: Tried a New SD Card
: Tried to downgrade firmware
: Tried running prints from printer directly from sd card
: Tried to power cycle printer
: Tried to use Handy App or Bambu Studio to run prints and or calibration

Try using a different SD card. A failing SD card could cause what you are seeing.


Yes I mentioned in my notes I tried a different SD Card same issues.

Yes I see you added that to your post.

Do the pre sliced files on the printer sd card print? They can be sourced here.


Yes so I tried the files that are on the printer sd card too. Its crazy, I am in tech so I tried all the usual steps and still no resolve. Did you see my video? How when its running a simple P1S native calibration it goes to front then you can see the screen go from running the calibration to just suddenly stop. I am at a loss.

The last thing I would try is a full factory reset. Sometimes that solves weird issues. If that doesn’t fix it, its ticket time.


Yeah as I work in tech, I tried everything you mentioned and more , no resolve. I even tried to simply load filament from external spool and AMS, both would start to run, nozzle heats, then the print head moves to the front again and bam it shuts off like I never made the command to load filament etc. Thanks for all the help. I already submitted a ticket yesterday. I was hoping someone mentioned something I had not tried yet. So far every suggestion is something I already tried several times. I even tried two new sc cards and did not help. I formatted to Fat 32 like the printer wants still no resolve.

check all the wire connections on the tool head. If its cutting out when it goes to the front right corner, it could be causing a bad connection due to the impact into the corner. I would unplug all the connectors, and reseat them and try again. Might save you a long wait on a ticket response.


Thank you, I did reseat all connections in the print head. Havent done any on the MC board because most are glue in very tight. I did notice, let’s say I run a calibration test, the printer starts aux fan is on right? All is good. Then the tool head moves to the front of printer to bump home and then it stops. The fan goes off and AMS blinks and starts to read filament again and screen on printer goes back to ready.

check the usb cable from print head to mc board connection, unplug and plug back in.

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DFoes it actually bump the home position, or does it appear not to reach home postion?

Yes, I did that. Today when I turned in the printer I get this error now. HMS_ERR_0500_0300_0001_0002
And I researched error and followed all steps. Still get error. I have updated my support ticket with this error info and included more pictures.

sounds like tool head board or the cable are bad, the impact is causing a bad connection. I had to replace a toolhead cable on a p1p for exact same symptoms.

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Interesting, how did you know it was the cable over the TH board? Did support send you the parts?

I ordered one ahead of time and swapped it. I had it fixed by the time support sent the replacement. Now I have a spare. The cable takes the most abuse and was cheap so I started there.

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I am going to do the same thing, Thanks! Btw, was it the MC-AP cable? Or another cable?

tool head cable was what I replaced

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Cool once I read it again I figured as much. Thank you for the help.

hope that’s all it is for ya, and you are back up and running soon.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.