PA6-GF leaving raised glue on Engineering plate

Printed with the new PA6-GF on the Engineering plate and it left a raised imprint of the model pieces, like it cooked the glue in the shape of each piece. Bambu recommends glue stick when using PA, and I used the default profile for PA6-GF in the latest Beta slicer. The bed was scrubbed prior with warm water and Dawn soap. Then I applied the Bambu glue stick. After the print I washed the build plate and the raised areas would not come off. Is the plate ruined? I tried soaking it in warm water and Dawn dish soap for 30 minutes, but it didn’t help.

Same experience (raised imprints that don’t remove) using BASF Ultrafuse PA on that the engineering plate. Magigoo PA used as glue - exactly the same raised areas left after printing.

Not experienced this problem with the high temperature plate, but also had occasional problems with PA coming off that plate (even with glue) hence switch to engineering plate.