Part Modifier Not working on Bambu Slicer?

Hello All I have researched this and cannot find the solution. I found a youtube video of a guy perfroming this action. Like in Cura you can change the Mesh type to change the settings of an individual part inside of another part (like screws in a screw hole. Strengthening the area.
I found the setting to change the individual part (thanks to the video), But when I select the part to modify by right clicking the part, selecting “change Type”, selecting “Modifier” (yellow), then changing wall number or infill etc. it treats the modifier as a negative modifier and removes that modified object from the rest of the print. anyone know how to get it to work as an actual modifier instead of deleting the area selected.

Strange, I haven’t had any issues with modifiers, they work as expected and the steps you mentioned sound like the same thing I do.

Maybe there is an issue with your installation and you need to delete and reinstall the slicer. Also, try Orca Slicer to see if it works there.

alright ill give it a try thanks

Alright so removed the bambu slicer and redownloaded it. did the exact same thing. deleted the modifier from the part as a negative modifier. Downloaded Orca. and it did the exact same thing deleted the modifier from the main body. Any ideas? I can send a video on here.

Ive made a huge mistake not the slicers fault it was mine. I Cut the part out of the main body on Fusion 360… Im an idiot.

Any time you set a modifier as a negative part, it will delete that section from the model.
Set your modifier, and leave it alone. make your changes, and it should work.

Yes, you have to be careful with that, fusion will always assume you are trying to cut when you extrude into a body.