Pause at Height or Layer Height

I have the need to pause my prints at a specific layer height to insert metal ID tags before resuming. On my legacy setups, I was using extensions in Cura, or editing Gcode for some printers that required non-standard Gcode commands to make this happen. Can you please tell me how to set a pause using your slicer? Or what Gcode commands does the X1C use for pause? & Add that capability if it doesn’t currently exist. I’d hate to have to go back to Cura & my old printers because of this.

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Nice. It actually is right click on the plus (+) button now.


I’d like to see this improved. Coming from PrusaSlicer & Prusa, you can program a color change at a layer height. The LCD gives you a time estimate until the color change, beeps when its time, and then walks you through the color change. Its very friendly and efficient walking you through the process with confirmations.

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Your wish came true: you can program a color change at certain layer also by right clicking on the plus (+) button. I’m trying that right now.

But I noticed already a pause might save a bit of filament. Because with an automatic color change you get these purge areas (built next to the model) that you won’t have if you pause the print and then initiate the filament change yourself (sure: also purge a bit of filament while changing but purge area is worse).

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I am not sure if the latest firmware update fixed the bug, but there is/was a bug that caused a quite noticable layer shift if you used the +pause in the slicer. Instead as a workaround, try to use + → add g-code and add:
M400 U1
G28 X Y


What + button are you guys talking about? The only + button there is on the slicer is to add another filament but right clicking does nothing.

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In Preview, move the vertical slider + button to desired height then right-click.


Oh man, you can really tell i just got off work. Thats the coolest thing, thanks!

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Why would “Add Pause” be disabled?

I have a plate with two objects and I’m trying to insert a pause at the layer between the two objects to change filament. But the Add Pause submenu is disabled so I am unable to add a pause.

Any idea why it’s disabled? Sadly the forum won’t let me attach a screenshot or link


It appears that you can’t add a pause if you’re Print sequence is set to “By object.” Add Pause is disabled for By object, but it’s enabled for By layer.

Is this intentional? It makes it hard to change filaments between objects.


Hello, I have the same problem, when printing “by object” the menu is disabled…
I wanted it to stop the print when finishing the piece and remove it from the print base so it wouldn’t bother.


Same problem. Is there a logical reason for not allowing custom G-code like flushing the color between the objects or at least a pause to do it manually?
Now its always waiting for the specific layer and manually pressing pause to manually do the flushing.
Feels a bit stone age like, while the object ordered print itself is such a cool and futuristic feature.

Another workaround idea which just came to my mind: adding a small intermediate purge object. Might be helpful for others as well :slight_smile: