PEI plate poor quality?

Hello, I have read in another forum that the PEI plate of the A1 is of poor quality and that the prints do not stick well to it…
Has someone uncountered the problem ?

Nope, everything I printed has been fine. So far just PLA & PETG.


I had the same issues with some PETGs. I use the Bambu liquid glue, which works flawlessly. If the problem also happens with PLA, I suggest cleaning it with soap, warm water, or IPA. I also use the Textured PEI plate on the X1(the same plate, just bigger) to print nylon, and I have no issues using it together with PVP glue.
The Smooth PEI plate works equally well.

I’m having the same issue. It’s hit or miss if it sticks or not. Sunlu PETG sticks ok, but I’m struggling to get BBL basic PETG to stick; and my overhangs suck with the default profile. I’ve tried with and without the liquid stick.

WIth textured build plate:
No issues with PLA.

Had adhesion issues with PETG, but they stopped after I cleaned the build plate with IPA.

I have no Problems with PLA (Sunlu, Overture, eSun, deleyCON, AMOLEN) and PETG (Prusament). Everything absolut fine and as good as my old Prusa Mini+

No problem on eSun, Siddament and some non-brand eBay PETG on PEI plate.
Bed temp at 70, hot end around 240-255, wash the bed with warm water and soap if bed not stick.

If your prints don’t stick, remove the build plate and wash it with warm water and liquid soap, dry the plate of with a paper towel and you should be good to go. Remember our hands can leave oily residue on the plate and if your printer is open to the air in your work area dust and other particles can end up on the build plate to causing sticking issues. If I have a problem I wipe the plate down with IPA if the problem persists I then use the trusted soap and warm method. It always works.


Totally agree with this method :+1:t2:

Issues with the bed are for those who do not know how to clean stuff. So far I use IPA with no issues.

Prusament PETG got the paint of it off though. Where it says PLA/PETG/ABS in the front is now missing some of the lines where it purges. Only the white paint, the bed is alright

Same, but it was ASA in my case.

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cleaning it with soapy warm water, always seems to work better than alchool for me and that normally fixes the not sticking issue

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I had occasionaly a problem, in the beginning i used no adhesion, then i used the liquid glue from bambu, but in the end i went back to my old 3DLAC glue.
Is it needed everytime? No. But you don’t know when until it’s to late…