Perfect bed preparation with glue stick

On a lot of surfaces you need to use glue in order for the printed model tobe able to release without damaging the printbed.

This is all great, but most of the time you will get marks and inprints on the bottom of your print due to the glue being on the bed.

This short video explains how you can prepare your bed using the glue stick without leaving marks on your print and still being able to release your model without damage to your bed.



Basically what I do. Only difference is that I use isopropyl alcohol as my wetting agent. Could probably use water, but I have a spray bottle of alcohol I use to rinse off resin prints near by and it works well.

I just use a quick spray of 3DLAC. Tin goes a long way, only takes a tiny spray.

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Same, I have over 1000hrs of printing and have only used 1 bottle of 3DLAC, no glue ever.

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