Perfect ironing when printing only a section of a print

Hi all,

Having issues with ironing on a print I’m doing. When I print a test corner section (full height and everything) of this print and iron it, I have the settings dialled in a the top layer is perfectly ironed, like super smooth. But when I print the whole print, the same part is now not ironing nicely and it’s quite rough? It using the same settings the only difference is the time it takes to print it and I cannot get a smooth finish.

A few thoughts:

  • Could possibly due to the change in layer time?
  • Could maybe be the aux fan blowing on it for longer?

Does anyone have and ideas of what may be causing this? It’s been beating me for days now.

In the below photo you can see the rough section on the corner.

Pull the layers on BS and see why it looks different, seems like it came back to finish that part last and it didn’t adhere to the printbed correctly

Yes and Yes on both questions , check if you have top shell layers for both prints
Timing changes so the cooling , so probably you need to add custom g-code around the top layer to adjust for that

i do not use ironing but there are a few good threads in the forum worth reading just search for ‘ironing’