PETG-CF feedback (spoiler, its good)

I got a roll of black PETG-CF, I can’t emphasis enough how impressed I am, like PETG, but matt black and no stringing or surface defects. So if you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl.

On the commercial side, would be nice to include a membership pricing for this one, and also, 2-4 working days delivery in the UK is not that fast, at least with eSun on amazon, I can see the spool, and order one for next day delivery and have no interrupted printing, with 2-4 days on Bambu labs, I need to really stock a spare and be very disciplined, which sounds obvious, but then reality hits.

But overall, great product.

@Darren_Lynch you have one of the BEST filament stores in your country;

I am not sure why you would still want to buy from Bambu ghehe (just respool with a pastamatic?) :smiley:

Forgot to mention; They have a list of AMS compatible spools if you scroll down.
Then you don’t even need to respool. Personally I’m quite smitten with the Azurefilm stuff.

It’s funny how different people look for different features… PETG-CF is one of the most disappointing filaments for me 'cause I was expecting it to be stiffer and stronger than basic PETG and it’s not. It may print more nicely but I don’t have problems with PETG and when I want matte I use ASA, which comes in many colors (e.g. Polymaker). But, to each their own :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comment @LagoaLabs i have used them a lot for sure, tbh i was a bit nervous the way things go in and out of stock (I have the same concern with Bambu admittedly) so one week I could get something, the next they said they don’t have it we recommend this as a fall back etc, you not get the same issue? I liked that I don’t really have to tune the Bambu labs filament, I’m getting lazy these days :wink:

Yer I get it, but I work in the same room as my printer, and asa gets a bit, headache-ie right? At least the CF fibres just kill me slowly.

Haha yeah it’ll increase impact resistance, at most, 10% and that is it. You buy it for looking good but then you can also just get ebony wood from Formfutura and you have the same look and no abrasion.

I myself don’t live in the UK but did a lot of business with the owner and always was amazed by the selection. As for stock; there’s raw material shortages everywhere and every brand is impacted at least a little.

As for plug and play; I hear you but if material is 10,- less per kg I will for sure take 10-30 minutes to quickly dial it in :slight_smile:

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Haha, ok update time. After printing more and more, I got this stuff clinging to the nozzle and failing prints, after reading the forums, seems most people report the same, absolutely fine on first prints/new nozzle, after that insane nozzle sticking and the purge coils getting dragged onto the build area. New opinion, not so good.