PETG detachment

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I cannot print large pieces in PETG, I always have my piece detaching from the plate after several layers, do you have any solutions? Thank you

Clean the plate with dishwashing liquid and water. After this you clean it with Isopropanol alcohol.

As mentioned make sure the bed is free of any contaminants such a oils.

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Also raising the bed temperature maybe help to improve the adhesion.

I had this same problem. Liquid glue. I use Layerneer Bed Weld; about $22 at Amazon. I also have VisionMiner 3D Printer Bed Adhesive (about $45 on amazon). I also find any brim you can add helps a lot. The last large print I did, a medicine cabinet, only allowed me a 2mm brim (I usually use a 5mm brim), but even that helped a corner from coming loose.

If you have smooth PEI plate - use it for PETG. It works way better with adhesion.
If only texture plate - wash it with dish soap very thoroughly and don’t leave fingerprints on it. If that doesn’t help - you need to sand down a bit of the plate, higher than 600-grit, just a very light pass will do the work.

Personally, as I progress further into 3D printing, I noticed that Textured PEI is not a jack of all trades and I have had historically more issues with it.