PETG Fine Preset - Plastic crumbs, nozzle blob, poor print quality

I’m having an issue with the default settings for PETG at 0.12mm layer height. The default 0.2mm layer height settings have always seemed to work fine for me. This is the first time trying the finer layer height. I didn’t do anything special, just selected the different layer height preset, sliced it, and let it go.

My print had little plastic crumbs all over the bed at the end of the print (they are on the floor of the printer in the photo because I blew them off at the end of the print). I was able to see the crumbs forming at the nozzle as it was printing. They would form just beside the nozzle tip, break off, and another would begin forming. At the end of the print, there is a blob of material on the nozzle.

Have you dried the filament? This is how it looked for me when I had some wet PETG. Unfortunately not all filament is dry out of the bag, in fact I dry every filament I want to use first!

I can try drying it out. However, I would expect the issue to persist in other presets if that were the issue. This issue has only just occurred when I switched to the 0.12 fine layer height preset.

    1. drying the filament , wet PETG filament will have more issue if layer height is smaller
    1. reduce the speed PETG does not like any speed above 140mm/S and really is under 100mm/S
    1. flow is slightly higher probably start by reducing it by 0.005 . PETG a bit overflow may build up on the nozzle and causing issues
    1. last check the cooling and temp profile - could be a bit tricky here - mine settings 10% -30s, 40%-60% 8s, 90% overhang, 100% supports , chamber in the advanced for filament M106 P3 S150 (60 %), Aux 0% some times 10% , Nozzle 15C-20C above the recommended for the filament for me that is 255C or 260C , i use more often 255C but some objects do increase it to 260C

Not sure about the 2 and 3 which one is better to try first , but start with drying
Number 4 is unlikely as the over hang looks good , but AUX fan can affect it really badly

Thank you so much for these detailed options. I will try them out!