PETG on textured Plates

My problem today, fine PETG first layers in the first color only hold on 2 of 6 plate sides (at the beginning it was 5 out of 6).

Even on the 2 Remainigs sides, it is now only possible if the silicone protection has been cut back so that the printing nozzle can be cleaned cleanly and there are no longer any PETG residues on the nozzle below the silicon sock which will quickly lead to the point where the nozzle deposits PETG residue and smears fine lines… Of course, the contamination and the spaghetti detection due to dirt under the silicone sock increases very quickly too due to dirt under the silicone sock and the wire brush is still mandatory. However, due to the fully enclosing silicone sock, not all dirt can reach by wire brush, so I now cut out the annoying part.

Such website captions are very important to me and currently Bambulab’s largest strength. 10 years ago I went online with 6,000 photos that were labeled accordingly (which were also very well spread during 10 years) - the photos were driven through T-Shirts (i.e. at a time when that still worked).

For me, this is how the installation of websites www. on products which can be widely distributed and are on new enough to attract persons attention is simply not to be underestimated over decades - massively more important than followers. On the other hand, it’s like the benchy - If something is written on, the authorship doesn’t need to be discussed and the STL can be assigned more quickly just in case.

Of course, this can be cracked, but the time of the upload, even of private YouTube videos or similar, can also be verified. The original copyright doesn’t cost much either and if it’s just because may someone comes up with the idea that it’s theirs and the author isn’t the author at all and is using it unlawfully… ends up being a lot of headaches for those who just claim there not existing rights form something which finaly just get stolen. Incidentally, the author of the drawing can place such symbols in the drawing so small that only he can find it again (for his own protection against unjustified claims maybe not the stupidest thing to do so).

Ummmm… did you by chance mean this to be two separate posts? It looks like to unrelated topics and I am having trouble following what the subject is about.

Well Olias,

I do not even aspect to get a answer on this post - there are several affinity’s over several topics in this which you can do more than 5 posts which finally ends ups all on the same thing - get your identity on the parts and use the www. since just by .com peoples don`t get it and the textured plate doesn’t last forever.

Furthermore, there’s no point in talking about it, people have to burn their own fingers until they understand it and sometimes I’m just wrong too…

A commercial or anonymous copy right is valid for 70 years, a private one until 70 years after the death of the author, isn`t it? This means that if a 20-year-old uploads something to the www, he dies at 70, we are talking about 120 years. How much do we still know about the year 1903?

If you take a photo and add. your own website in letters on it, no one can ever can clame you that the photo wasn’t yours - even in 50 years. The person who wants to complain will either have a cropped one or something with your name on it. I’ve already received letters from .gov email addresses asking whether they can use an photo on a particular website. My answer: I didn’t know it was published there. I have never given anyone a permission so far but I have never warned anyone too. So I won’t get permission to them to, because when I get the next question in 20 years I know that no one ever get permission and not becouse i want clame anyone, it`s in order to protect myself…

Now you can ask me what a photo has to do with an STL - nothing at all, just your own address on both is related (and that could be a very small symbol registered - to regiester a US copyright is that still 36 USD? Ultimately, you just have to prove authorship of the entire work and a small assignable symbol can make the others look very old). Then you might may be very surprised at what range you can achieve with a very simple thing over a long period of time… and that is currently the greatest strength of a Bambulab printer, make the www more visible. And by the way that doesn’t mean that I won’t ever warn anyone - as long as they remain decent but I’ll keep all my rights open for the rest… and I have time to do so.

Now there’s the new .stl way thing. Well Multiple intellectual ownership of a final work is not a new story. So a completely mixed authorship and the associated copying rights to it - The first thing that came to mind when I heard Makreworld (So upload something with one click with a beginner printer). The best example of multiple intellectual ownership is music: The composer, the lyricist, the software programmer, the singer and so one… each with their intellectual property and this ends in a desaster if as intellectual owner do not add his mark on before published. Because in the end only the singer always has the feeling that he can do everything and the singer then finaly wakes up when he has to pay everyone else who helped him to get big…

Here a sample: Around 2020 I got a warning for the music on a YouTube video. I uploaded the video in about 2012. The complainant attached an official US copyright. The complainants were anything but for sure not unprofessional. But the case quickly disappeared into thin air because: First: There registered copy right was registered around 2015 (3 years younger than the Video upload). Secondly: I just forwarded it to the US company who gave me the “non-exclusive” “worldwide” “commercial” “unlimited” “broadcasting rights” on the Song, which I also paid for.

What does this have to do with an STL upplode? As I said, 120 years… What do you remember about the year 1903? And how will clame you to delate it becouse someone else sold it? Maybe just sold by someone inexperienced and not even a evil person…

Color me confused.

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Well, copying rights are also a real pain in the ass… Core statement that doesn’t have to be true: Do everything yourself (or get the commercial rights from professionals), put your brand on it or don’t publish it… and that’s it.

You are not the only one. I expect to see some confusing posts in any international forum simply because of language differences and unfamiliarity, but I can’t make heads or tails out of Hank’s recent posts.

Is there anything in there about PETG on textured plates?

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I’m currently well on the way - ordered 2 new texture plates (not yet arrived), two in the trash can (there would certainly be other options, it`s just the way as i did). The pictures in the first post runs now over 800 hours. At the point of 200 pieces, approx. 5% rejects (bad first layer on fine leters / Word with 15 letters times 24 final products per plate / i.e. 360 letters per and direct to testure printing plate - probably the toughest PETG adhesion case I have).

But this 2000 products (with 30`000 letters with a font height of 5mm / height by lower letters 2.5 mm - and the case of 1 mistake in 1 of 15 letters = a lost product) are just a favor anyway to get something even more off the ground than was what happened in 6 months. My wife operates the printer, my brother-in-law’s business will get it…

It’s not just the language, people just rarely understand me, but that’s absolutely not necessary :wink:

Letter height on the photo 2.5mm directly on texture plate.