PETG Translucent in AMS Not Recognized

Has anyone been able to use the new PETG Translucent in the X1Cs AMS? My AMS recognizes other filaments no problem and reports to be on the latest firmware. ( With my X1C running

Tried multiple slots and no luck. Can’t even manually set the filament type on the AMS but CAN in the slicer.

Any help is appreciated!


I’m having the same issue. I printed with the basic petg preset which seemed fine although I think my translucent petg was very wet out of the packaging because half of the part printed nicely, and the other half is completely foamed up and was crackling out of the nozzle

I’m having the same issue with PETG translucent light blue, I was able to set the filament no problem manually, but the AMS would just not detect it automatically. I wonder if there’s a problem with the RFID tags on PETG translucent. I’ve got a second spool in another color on the way, I’ll update here if it doesn’t auto-detect either.

Same issue here with the light blue translucent.
Anyone came out with a solution so far?

No solution, I just set it manually. This is the only spool from Bambu that has ever had the problem for me and I’ve gone through dozens now.