PLA Silk - how to get top shiny like sides?

i’ve just started printing with Bambu PLA silk & the sides of the print come out nice and shiny like we’ve seen in pictures online. the top layer is kind of dull & matte tho like normal PLA.
we tried using the ‘ironing’ feature in bambu studio, which smoothed out some of the top layer’s lines, but that actually made the surface even more matte than normal
is there anything we can do to get the top layer smooth & shiny like the sides?
either in the slicer settings or some sort of surface treatment after its printed?

Take a look at this video, it may help you resolve the top layers on all types of top surfaces

Bambu Studio Tutorial. Variable(adaptive) layer height.

I’d try printing slow, and increasing temp. Matte surface looks for me typically comes from printing too fast for the selected temp.