Please little help uploading one profile that fail when I upload it

Please little help uploading one profile (always fail and I don´t know why)

Hi all, I tried 4 times to upload one profile for a design for A1 mini because I made the necessary scale and plates to be helpful for other people, but makerworld web always give me as “failed” the profile when I try to upload…

Can you tell me if you see something wrong in this profile? (I slice without any problem or error in Bambu Studio but in makerworld web doesn’t complete the upload without fail)

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Could you send the 3mf to
I will check it.

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Thanks! I send it to you now :slight_smile:

It could be that you need to “save file as” instead of exporting the 3MF file, I had similar problems and that solved it.

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Yes, i do that way, thanks!

It is a bug and has been fixed.

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That solved my issue “this 3mf file is not generated by Bambu Studio”