Poll: How many plates do you own?

Poll regarding the # of plates membership here owns.
  • Only 1
  • 2-4 Plates
  • 5 or more
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I only have the textured PEI plate my P1P came with. I have only had it since August but as any new toy it has been used a lot, almost daily. I am still on the first side and it still looks great. I have printed PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG and PETG-CF. all with no issues with the plate.
I really love the finish you get from textured surface and have been thinking of building a small heated setup to press the texture into the top side of some prints. Along with a fuzzy skin exterior I think it would look great.


But I only work on 3 texture plates, none of were supplied with the printer.

By 6 sides (3 panels), 1 side has been causing problems since beginning (using Isopropanol only).

Of course I’m assuming that we’re talking about Bambulab plates only, otherwise you can make 30 or more.

Cool Plate, Hot Plate, 2x original Textured Plates, Lightyear Composite G10 plate (which, I have mixed feelings about).

2 add. Bambu Textured PEI Plates (now golden) are orderd today.

So I`m up by 7 Bambulab Plates by next week.

One old textured now have def. attachment problems on both sides, 1 textured plate has attachment problems in cases that are difficult to handle.

Since I ordered anyway, an AMS hub is coming as well. But only since the external filament can be feed through as well (so no additional AMS and just one AMS on the Printer by add. 3 extention. PTFE tubes for the extentions will come from aliexpress (Creality capricorn) so no more turning around the Printer for the external feed); One Hardened Steel Extruder Unit as well (completely pre-assembled). The normal spare parts sets for AMS and X1 were delivered with the initial order.

Although I’m looking at buying more.

I got the gold textured ones this week, I probably won’t use the black textuerd ones anymore… What I’m currently printing went from 5% waste to 0% - so 100% usable. So 7 plates, but I only use 2 of them.

So maybe the topic can by changed into: Who has more than 5 plates that could actually be thrown away :wink:

My current selection:

  • One original Bambu Smooth Engineering/Cool plate
  • One new Bambu textured Engineering/High temp (PEI sticker)
  • One original Bambu Smooth Engineering/Custom PC, soon to be Epoxy Fibreboard (G10 type)
  • One smooth/textured gold Energetic PEI
  • One textured/textured black Energetic PEI

They all have their specific use cases, and I don’t print enough to really need spares.

I almost exclusively use the smooth engineering plate (for PC, and anything weird), and smooth PEI (for PLA derivitives).

The only other one I’ve been eying up is the Fabreeko Honeybadger textured PEI as the texture looks nice, more like Buildtak (which I much prefer the texture of).

@mowcius You’re right, it was just my opinion.

I have the technical approach - I once saw a video where someone felt that (a designer) texture might not be suitable for people printing practical practical parts. As if I still use 3D printed parts when there are specific surface are demanded… Chemically resistant steel still costs less than 4.3 euros per kilo, normal steel 0.6 euros per kilo. Titanium is also cheap, but keeping the oxygen complete away as well as the hardness during machining during processing is expensive.

So even a ALU case is nothing specal at all. Just to keep the scratches away so private households don’t ask for a replacement is expensive.

So finaly and this will not fit to everyone: A printing plate (in my case) must hold the part on the printer. Isopropanol is fine, everything else is just additional effort.