PolyLite PC surprise

So I have a couple spools of Polymaker PolyLite PC. Transparent. I finally got time to run through the full OrcaSlicer calibration and was quite surprised at the results.

Flow ratio came in at 0.957. PA is 0.032. Density (from TDS) is 1.20. Vitrification temperature is 120. But my temperature tower came back with 285°C as reasonable. And the surprise? Max volumetric speed of 39.5 mm³/s. 40 mm³/s barely showed any difference compared to 39.5, but why push it? Yeah, that stuff flows like water.

I’m building with nozzle temp of 285 and bed temp of 115 on a very lightly scuffed Wham Bam PEX plate and no glue. Huh, wouldn’t have guessed that. Interestingly, I was seeing definite VFA in my max flowrate samples at lower flowrates (15-25), but all of that nearly disappeared at higher flowrates. my 30-40 test has almost no perceptible VFA unless I look at reflected light at extremely low angles.

I did go through and retension my belts while ensuring X was square to Y, but I saw no change from that, though I had high hopes. The significant decrease in VFA at higher flowrates was unexpected, but I won’t complain.

After this, I’m guessing I need to go through calibration with some of my other filament. Who knows what surprises I may find. Wish there was a 3rd-party filament database to draw from.

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Wow! That’s flaming hot. Solder melting hot. :crazy_face:

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Oh yeah. High temperatures and high speeds. Good reasons to keep my hand out of the build area. :smiley: