PolyMax PLA warping on PEI plate p1s

I recently got my p1p and shortly after upgraded it to a p1s. I also upgraded the hotend and extruder to hardened steel.

I have been using orcaslicer for my prints, and always calibrated the filaments to the best of my knowledge. I’ve gotten good prints on most of my projects, assuming they weren’t high infill with overhang.

Every time I go to print an object with overhang and high infill, I experience nasty curling and uneven printing as a result, usually screwing up the print.

Today’s project, for example, was a hollow cylinder printed horizontally for strength, and even with tree supports it was not going well at all. Here are photos for reference:

My settings for the polymax pla are a tweaked version of the default .20mm strength profile:

60°c hotbed temp (I tried 45°c with glue but it didn’t seem to help)
220°c nozzle temp
.2 mm layer height
8 wall loops
100% rectilinear infill (required for part strength)
Sparse infill: 270mm/s
Internal solid infill: 250mm/s
Outer wall: 60mm/s
Inner wall: 300mm/s

Overhang speeds:
25,50% = 40mm/s
50,75% = 20mm/s
75,100% = 10mm/s
Bridge: 40mm/s

Tree manual
“tree strong”
Support branch angle: 35°
I painted these on the 45°+ overhangs on the part.

I have my aux fan cranked to 100% after the first layer as well.

What am I missing in my settings? I know this can be done somehow but am new to 3d printing and not super knowledgeable with this.
Thank you all in advance!

I’m having similar issues with Toner PLA. I tried clearing the nozzle because of the inconsistent extrusions but it didn’t help. I’ve have many good prints with this filament and the same settings . I’m stumped. I’ll keep an eye on the replies you get. Thanks.